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Rainbow Over My Eyes



Seriously, how many spams have to filled in my inbox everyday. Apparently, FS is now invaded by spammers what's next? an alien? great. Deleting spamming can be tiresome at times. I don't know how many people are officially blocked by me but there are more keep on coming! Great...

So, I've finally bought MISS NO GOOD's VCD yeah me and I'm getting it by next week *happy dance* I also bought a new comic and that's it, nothing more. I don't shop often and never liked shopping unless I need something I really wanted to or dying to or longing to, u name it. I'm quite difficult when it comes to money because I love money but money doesn't love me u know like it's some kind of unrequitted love LOL =)) No la...

woah, I'm kinda bored out here. I got home early than usual and now I'm thinking it's very rare to be home so early than before =.=" and the feeling is just like I just lost my kitty no, no let me rephrase that like I'm a loner but wonderful, how's that? oookayyy, I'm acting like I'm a retard here. I MISS my NET-FRIENDS, i miss you i miss your smile and I still shed a tear every once in a while and even though it's different now you're still here somehow my heart will let u go and i will let u no i miss u sha la la (singing miley cyrus's song lol) woahhh, I'm so boreeeeee to death!
ey?? wait, I can still texting my netfriends! wohooooo off to go :D chokkomanyo, snap off. It's 10 minutes to midnight! Helloooo no one's gonna reply my text okay.

Right, then just say Hello to the bed I guess. Jalja!


Jaejoong is so handsome
Hongki is so cute
Alexander is adorably cute
Xiah is hotness
Hyungjoon is super hottie
TOP is so cool
Dilla is CRAZY >>>> off to the bed

miss u like crazy kak zura miss u miss u miss u miss u miss u miss u miss u miss u miss u so much :-*

Tehehehe, spamming :D


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