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Rainbow Over My Eyes



The internet is revived yet mysoju is being so cruel to me!! I didn't get to catch YMD on TV so I was hoping there will be MORE episodes uploaded (yes, it is indeed plenty of episoded listed) but the quality is really poor ): *pout* Pabo streamyx! No, pabo mysoju. Ah, at least I get a chance to catch the drama (it's just sounded like a talking-robot!) nevermind that.

So, what I've been up to? I'm kind of tired from thinking, thinking and thinking. I couldn't stop thinking no matter how I wanted to. It's some kind of tiresome to think all the way so I'm getting my day-off tomorrow. Shopping? umm maybe but I would rather spend my money on eating. I love eating by the way. It's habit actually...? lol just who would say something like eating is a habit? just snap that out of it. Emm, nothing interesting happened these past few days. Let just say that I've been through out of the limit. It was really an energy-sucking day but worth it. There are a lots of people out there whom been through hardship. Yep, just think of it that way hwaiting!

Tehehehe, just done reading another FF but again not completed yet. Still on updating process (pali update some more) I'm just too greedy =D well, Blame the internet for its unconsistently services! what else... ah, I got new kitten *excited* there are just too CUTE! forget about how I met them. It was just too painful to be remembered. I already named one of them and still thinking another name. Nothing have crossed my mind for a while so might thinking of one some other days.




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