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Rainbow Over My Eyes



I thought I'm gonna have read another updated of FF by now but the author seems to be off from updated any of chappies tonite! Believe it or not, I'm just thinking of it for the whole day throughout. It's the best way for me to unwind after a long day of work actually -sigh- I thought she said she gonna write new chappies every weekend and IT IS WEEKEND. I know too many fantasy and fiction guys are bad for me coz I can't find my own reality perfect guys LOL =)) Kurochiman, I'm just loving it in fact I'm enjoying it. Oookay snap that out.

-emo mode activated-
phft, I was at work but my heart wasn't there. I don't know but I feel a bit lonely though there were so many people back then
I kinda lost to the place-only-God-knows-where
-emo mode deactivated-

see there's no need to be emo all the time. One minute you went emo the next minute you seem to be back to normal (:

Btw, I just received or more like read a message on 4shared which is someone has been enjoying a lot of my collections and ask for more =D If you really curious of what on earth 4shared is, it's a file sharing and storage. I was really active upload songs back then just so you know. I'd uploaded songs like crazy everyday coz I had nothing to do at home :D sharing is caring maa but I'd stopped now. I found another brand new hobby aside from that -evil laugh-

February is ended,
Hello March.



I just have to blogging something but I am too tired on sharing right now, just so you know. Need to hold back for another couple of days or less.

At least, I made some update. Yeah me



I got this kind of eyes-sore you know when your eyes turned out red so I just spent my day idling around the house and reading some of updated FF (not much actually since there is not much FF updated). Oh, did I say I spent my time playing games all the way through? Yes, I could have been break the world's record o.o

So, it turns out that I couldn't make it to the shop tomorrow too and my brother will take care of it as he did today. Thanks to him ^-^ I just hope that my eyes are getting better by tomorrow. Later!

p/s: February is going to be ended soon. Looking forward for March! ^-^ oh btw, check out my new side item on the right side named k-box. I was planned to change it to musicaholic (don't care if there any such names) but I was too lazy to do it then I'll just leave it there and going to change it soon. Right, there are 3 tracks altogether and the 2 of 'em which is from Boys over Flowers ost and the other is from SNSD - Gee (a very catchy dance song, I like!). Just remembered, I just listened to the very latest TVXQ song's preview and I love them all! I love survivor the most. Can't wait for their upcoming album! hehehe this must have been the longest ps ever :p



Boys Over Flowers
is now AIRING on KBS World Astro 303
I don't know the exact schedule I just knew it'll be aired on Monday 9 PM
I'm still waiting from my infamous informer though and wishing it won't be aired on Tuesday since my fave soap opera is airing at the same time

I'm not in the mood in updating any though I still got some things to share on, never mind. There are bunch of FFs waiting 4 me! =D

p/s: for those whom are eagerly to watch the drama, you can catch it by clicking on this L i n k

Note: It's on monday and Tuesday. Enjoy (: well, then..Later -.-



So, I was literally stalking him throughout FB. He, who used to be my very first crush back in LMC. Yah, and he's like married? jigum? already? waaaahh!!! I just couldn't believe my eyes. I just saw his profile on FS and the status has changed already or it was just something has got to do with feast my eyes? Tch, whatever not like I care.

First of all,

I'm not happy ok and I don't know why!! That's even upset me MORE, GAH!!
Yah, what's wrong with me? PMS? could be but that's not it. Aneeeyooo. Stupid much?

Yah! I'm not stupid, clever

Yeaahh, mysoju has updated BOF. Finally =) I've been waiting for ages, phewww. *happy dance* hajiman, the link seems to be not working very well booooo~~ ^-^ ah yes, tomorrow I'm gonna start paying the shop rental which means the shop have gotten a license. Now that I can think more of the shop. What else there need to be added on, doing some decoration here and there and more and more and more \o/ Just think about it makes me feel happy. I shouldn't be mad in the first place, ne? HAPPY is what I'm supposed to be plus I'm going to watch Lee Min Ho in a couple of minutes ^-^ - after I'm done with my dinner!

Dinner, Here I come!



I'm Hap Hap Hap Happy, I got my happy face on! (:
I have nothing to update but I feel like jotting something so yeah bring it on...

So, nothing much happened these few days except for my k-drama addiction keep on coming back to me. Yes mysoju you're totally feeding my addiction! Jongmal kamsahamnida :D Have you seen meteor garden or hana yori dango? I'm totally in love with these two dramas and now there is another version of both and it's called "BOYS OVER FLOWERS" and guess what, korean version is much much much more addicting and Lee Min Ho is a total droollll, lol =)



Last night I bumped into this particular FF and I'd been attracted with the title (Boys over flowers) surely it's a total hit now you could see it everywhere and I even saw a special interview with the casts on KBS world last night :D So, back to the topic. At first, I had no interest to read another FF about boys over flowers since I've been following the drama and thought that it would be the same as the rest but then I stopped scrolling down when I saw Kim jaejoongie's name on the artiste(s) column. On the second thought, kim jaejoong really suited well for the character if you ask me plus kim jaejoong is my hero how come I just skip into another FF without reading it. So, I started reading the foreword ughhh it's totally the same with the previous dramaS I saw but I can't help myself from clicking another chapter hehehe (kim jaejoong is in it remember?) it's good actually and it's just like another version of Boys over Flowers same but different. It's awesome, enough said. Ooookayyyy stop blabbing.

p/s: I got myself another new top :D