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Rainbow Over My Eyes



Q: You think you are hot?
A: Jaejoong is much more hotter than me :D

Q: Upload one fave pic
A: I think I'll just skip this one

Q: Why do u like it?
A: Skipping is good for thighs :p

Q: When was the last time you had pizza?
A: This very recent emm not really act.

Q: What are you doing right now other than this?
A: Breathing???

Q: The last song you listened to?
A: SHINee - Stand by me (Boys over flowers OST). You should listen to it too! ^-^ [download song]

Q: What name would you prefer other than this?
A: Woahh there are tons of names in my head now but still mine is the best ;)

Q: 5 peoples to be tagged
A: I don't have any names coming across my mind though so It's open to everyone :)



So much to share, So much to love. All of the questions had been bottled up finally gasp some air. It's really wonderful to love people so much as you love yourself. Knowing people and trying to put yourself in their shoes was the most beautiful thing had been experienced. Those hatred is just getting nowhere SO DON'T CHASE IT OVER. Life is too short! Be happy


for the 18005965656698 times, I love Jaejoong :p

p/s: waaa, still no update from FF! c'mon lah, I need to digest something



I've been quiet for AGES!!! not like that I'm very busy or something just that I had trouble to access the internet BINGO!!! streamyx is having its PMS phffff So, now the internet is revived and I can finally get through everything but still I don't have much time to catch up everything I've missed yet still be able to read updated FF (: what more can I ask for? I've had enuff just by reading them :D

Lots and lots of things happened and I'm not in the mood to spilling out the beans. Things is just getting worst as it is and I'm not adding some more. I'm just glad that I've finally stepping up! Let bygones be bygones, ne? I just shocked, speechless and actually all my feelings mixed up but what more can I do? I didn't know you were that BAD though I know you are really bad person. Family doesn't do things like U did to their own family. P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C =_=

Anyhow, I'm happy business is going well these past few weeks. Alhamdulillah