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Rainbow Over My Eyes



Wohooo being able to appear online was the most happiest moment in my life (as if..) but the connection is soooooOooooOoooooo L.A.M.E I couldn't even got a story done. There are much more interesting stories updated but this streamyx's really getting on my nerves. Streamyx u can go die! ooppsiieee =D Since, I couldn't done with all the stories so I've just bookmark them all hoping that I could read them by tommorow night or whenever so long as the connection won't be so stubborn as it is. It's so troublesome already

There's nothing I want to blog anyway. Just wanted to show the people around that I'm blogging eventhough streamyx is showing its stupidity for a zillion times! ops, it's 15 minutes to midnight already and I should have gone to bed by now or else I wouldn't be able to wake up tomorrow morning. Jaljayo~!


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