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Rainbow Over My Eyes



wow, it's been awhile since the last update, Thanks to streamyx for its bad & SUX services. I don't know how long it'll last till the next DC so I'll just take this time out to catch up everything I've been left out these past few weeks. Moreover, I won't be able to online often. I just started run my own business yesterday. I was so damn tired since I have to go back and forth from here and there but it was fun and slightly B.O.R.I.N.G. Well, I do hope I'd make it big one day. There's no giving up, neh? *-*

Next week gonna be an interesting week, I can't wait. Aside from season finale of The Amazing Race Asia, I'll be off to tawau yeay. It's been ages! Tawau had held perfect memories of mine. though. I've been there last year/2 years? around 2007? I had an amnesia, oh well, never mind. The last time I've been there for a trip with my colleagues. We had a very 'wonderful' time in Jabatan Koko (what was the name, again?) One full week ping pong-ing from hotel to Jabatan koko. We need to rush early in the morning to Jabatan koko till the evening so we didn't have time to enjoy the places. It's ok la kan? I'm planning to take some pics kalau aku rajin la but I don't think I'd succeed that since I'm not a camwhore so there will be pictures of scenery plus without me in it.

Happy weekend!



Apparently, I had finished watching JDrama: 1 Litre of Tears. Awww, it was really a touching story. I cried really hard and I can feel the pain inside my chest as I forced myself to hold back the tears. It was just too painful. The last time I cried badly when I'm watching Grave of the fireflies. I even crying in my sleep. I don't know since when I've become a soft-hearted. Ah, I know. It was back in when I had lost my kitten. That was the first time I feel how beautiful life is. I see life as though is different from other prespective. I can feel the warmth and tenderness inside me as I treasured the moment I had with my cat. I feel like an increadibly affectionate injected throughout my body. What I had experienced back then is something couldn't express by any words in this world, enough said.

Therefore, let's just continue with I liter of tears. I bet everyone knows it based on true story of a Japanese girl named Aya kito, who had spinocerebellar Degeneration when she was 15 years old, and was able to continue her life until her death at the age of 25 years old. She kept writing her diary to remember her experiences until she could no longer hold a pen and on a top of that, she wants to remind herself to not give up. I was captivated by her courage's so last night I did some google of her just in case, I might find anything about her and I stumbled across her diary. It was made by he/her fan's, I suppose because I can see clearly the writer address herself as Ayafan. I wanted to thank whoever he/she is for translating aya's diary (since the diary is not available in english version. There is only Japanese and chinese version). But last night I just took a single glance into it because it was already late and I don't think I could finished reading it in time. So, today I'd be able to read some of it (and still reading it). It's just too beautiful but I think I made a mistake by reading it in the middle of watching the finale episode of the drama. I was just too bothered by real story of Aya and the drama. I lost towards the end of the story as I know Asou is non-existed in real life. It was just added because it was aya's wish to be in love with somebody. I'm glad I just read the diary while I was watching the finale episode. I don't think I could feel the story if I know the truth but it doesn't matter neh? the matter is how Aya working really hard to live on. Just in case, anyone who are interested in reading her diary could check the links provided below translated by different person.

[Diary 1] [Diary 2]

p/s: I need to watch something funny & hilarious to get rid this somewhat gloomy and awkward feelings of me



I thought I won't be updating my blog at the moment but here I am =) Actually, I'm waiting for the right time but since the right time hasn't comes yet or maybe never came at all I just thought it would be better if I just jotting down something otherwise the inner side of me will get explode. Nah, I'm not gonna type something I shouldn't. You know, when you're getting upset you might feel uncomfortable and want to let it out and all but I don't want to do that cuz I''m just getting more upset. I used not to think all the stupid problems I had. If problems can be solved why bother to think about it and if problems can't be solved why bother to think about it either. This is my simple rule of life but sometimes it just can't be helped, neh? Like maths? No No No maths and life are two different things but my teacher said that maths and life can't be apart. Gah, what does it has to do with me now?! at this moment?! at this very time when my mom is making delicious dinner for us tonight. Just smelling the aroma makes me want to drool~ I'm going to double up my dinner tonight, NO T.R.I.P.L.E o.O

So, currently I'm watching Miss No Good (T-drama). It was by accident actually and it wasn't something to be surprised of for someone like me who love wasting my time in front of Mr. Micky. Oh yes, about the drama...it's actually a bit over exaggerate but still it's gu gu gu ^0^ The main character has gone overboard by idiotic moronic attitude of hers..ahh I have nothing to comment about I just like the drama \o/

...off to watch Miss No Good