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Rainbow Over My Eyes



My heart just dropped a bit by reading an article about 영웅재중 ;( I can't believe nor want to believe what I've just read. I'm sure such a weirdo, 바부, 미 치 ㄴ or whatsoever you may call it. I'm just too bothered by the 키스 차 ᄋ Yah, 바부! wake up. Stop being 바부 cuz you already A-R-E. 바부 바부 바부 바부 맘, I feel like singing now (a sad love song, perhaps). I just lost my urm, let see 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 love. Yah, it's 8 already!!! uwaaaaaa~ I can feel my heart breaking into pieces now. It's really breaking my heart to see my heart break into pieces. lol am I retarded or something to adore such a big star that much?

...stupid much huh?

sure it is! lol I think I fell in love with him HAHA I can't believe I just type that! out of zillion men in this earth he's the one I want, 영웅재중 what a joke...!

Ahh, I'm feeling better now ^-^v

Ok, Now let's make some short random review

This is my fave song in Tvxq 4th album. Sounds like shopping mall music =) puts me in the mood for shopping lol. Speaking of which, I'll be out for shopping with my sis this afternoon :D

Tvxq:Crazy love

Ah, right a sad love song too (for the heart broken thingy earlier) =p

Tvxq: Why did I fall in love with u


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