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Rainbow Over My Eyes



I thought I won't be updating my blog at the moment but here I am =) Actually, I'm waiting for the right time but since the right time hasn't comes yet or maybe never came at all I just thought it would be better if I just jotting down something otherwise the inner side of me will get explode. Nah, I'm not gonna type something I shouldn't. You know, when you're getting upset you might feel uncomfortable and want to let it out and all but I don't want to do that cuz I''m just getting more upset. I used not to think all the stupid problems I had. If problems can be solved why bother to think about it and if problems can't be solved why bother to think about it either. This is my simple rule of life but sometimes it just can't be helped, neh? Like maths? No No No maths and life are two different things but my teacher said that maths and life can't be apart. Gah, what does it has to do with me now?! at this moment?! at this very time when my mom is making delicious dinner for us tonight. Just smelling the aroma makes me want to drool~ I'm going to double up my dinner tonight, NO T.R.I.P.L.E o.O

So, currently I'm watching Miss No Good (T-drama). It was by accident actually and it wasn't something to be surprised of for someone like me who love wasting my time in front of Mr. Micky. Oh yes, about the drama...it's actually a bit over exaggerate but still it's gu gu gu ^0^ The main character has gone overboard by idiotic moronic attitude of hers..ahh I have nothing to comment about I just like the drama \o/

...off to watch Miss No Good


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