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Rainbow Over My Eyes



Selamat hari raya aidiladha to all muslim (: How should I say this, we were having a small feast this afternoon with the rest of family members and I did the cook (a little) because I apparently spent the most of the time in front of TV watching the rerun of You're My Destiny drama series and Nancy Drew which means I'm having a day-off. I'm glad bussiness is going well and I'm reaching my target now (almost there) ^-^ Actually, there are lots reasons for me being happy today. I'd be able to catch music bank right on time cause lately, I only managed to see the rerun of the show at midnight and only had my eyes half-open ahh nevermind. TVXQ was on the show with their latest hit song wrong number *wohooo* but I don't really like jaejoong's new hairstyle. It's gonna take long to see him with another different hairstyle since he's been up to his movie "Heaven's postman" (get over soon!) oh, and big bang hits the chart once again with their latest song - red blah blah blah (I don't really remember what was the title) I hate the song, really but I still love them especially T.O.P ^-^v (sorry jaejoong ah) umm, what else? there is nothing new in FF, mysoju hasn't updated much of YMD, Miss no good has finally completed uploaded! jaejoong still hasn't purpose me yet so, it seems like my day has went perfectly fine so far and hello tomorrow...


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