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Rainbow Over My Eyes



Taw yo-eel

Phewww, lots and lots of shocking news in a short amount of time that hard to keep up after one to another Tch, as if I care =) I can't swallow all of them one by one and I already can hardly believe to what I have to believe. Things just happened as it is, leave it there. Besides, I knew this would happened sooner or later. Chyeahh! ^-^v

Ok, snap that out of it

I finally got my own mp3 player. I know it's not that expensive and fancy one but I'm still happy. Ninong bought it as a birthday present last 2 days. I can always buy one for me but I just don't really like to have thing I'm dying for so much easily. I don't know the right words but all I can say is I love presents. Just give me a present already oh *anticipating* =p

Ah, right I also got myself some of korean books. I never knew that reading hangul is so much easy than chinese or japanese. I don't know why but I can't seem to understand mandarin a bit. I can't even pronounce the word correctly. As much as I want to learn it, I'd ended up arguing with my mother since mandarin is her forte. I just feel discouraged and I stopped and turn to learn hangul instead which is I found very interesting and fun to learn. I can seem to read hangul pretty well but it took times to read the whole sentences o.O I'll just have to getting familiarize with the alphabets and the rest, I guess. So, this very recent I'm totally so hooked up with Epik high's songs. Basically, I've never loved this kind of hip-hop/rap music but after hearing some of their's I started to love them eversince. Literally their songs, not them =.=

Ahh, I don't know what else to jot down. I'll just stop here and see if I have something to blog later.

p/s: All my clothes seem to be over sized on me. Am I getting smaller or it's just the clothes getting bigger? o.O


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