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Rainbow Over My Eyes



I've been quite since the last update. I really had no time for internet activities ): I'm thinking of shutting down my blog since I'm not that regularly updating now (but that would never happened since this is the last resort for me to keep in touch with others) moreover I had nothing to tell, let's just say I'm just not good at telling story enuff said (: There are many things I would like to state down but my mind and my fingers couldn't cooperate each others. They won't listen hmm, hmm! anyway, never mind. I still have long way to go and the shop finally had gotten a license which means I have to work harder! There's no giving up. I should have came up with a new spirit everyday. Everyday is a new hope, a new day. I know I had to gone through the hardship, come rain and shine I have got to be positive. That's all that matters. I'm not doing this for myself, I'm doing this for my dad. By the way, I'm just losing my dearest cat, King. It was really depressing. King had an accident and I don't know which stupid car caused it but I know whoever drove the car is so stupid. It was clearly he/she caught speeding in the housing area. I couldn't typing more or I'll cry my eyes out. It was really depressing T-T


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