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Rainbow Over My Eyes



Backtracking the good old days for sometime (: I'd be able to back on winglin-ing though not for a day but at least I could traced down some of cool stories. It's the least I could do on the internet. No more downloading and uploading like crazy, watching streaming online k-dramaS and stuff. It's ok loo reading is another opt of entertainment, no? Actually, I've got the chance to leave the shop earlier as my head started to explode. I've got an headache and my body started to aches here and there. I can't bear the pain any longer so I slipped out but all the aches seemed to be blown away as I sat down by the laptop, lol. What a treatment but I do have a feeling within these 2 or 3 days I'll have got a fever. Too much running in the rain I guess oh not to forget the day heats. Ok back to winglin-ing (just stealing some little times out for blogging :p)


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