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Rainbow Over My Eyes



wow, it's been awhile since the last update, Thanks to streamyx for its bad & SUX services. I don't know how long it'll last till the next DC so I'll just take this time out to catch up everything I've been left out these past few weeks. Moreover, I won't be able to online often. I just started run my own business yesterday. I was so damn tired since I have to go back and forth from here and there but it was fun and slightly B.O.R.I.N.G. Well, I do hope I'd make it big one day. There's no giving up, neh? *-*

Next week gonna be an interesting week, I can't wait. Aside from season finale of The Amazing Race Asia, I'll be off to tawau yeay. It's been ages! Tawau had held perfect memories of mine. though. I've been there last year/2 years? around 2007? I had an amnesia, oh well, never mind. The last time I've been there for a trip with my colleagues. We had a very 'wonderful' time in Jabatan Koko (what was the name, again?) One full week ping pong-ing from hotel to Jabatan koko. We need to rush early in the morning to Jabatan koko till the evening so we didn't have time to enjoy the places. It's ok la kan? I'm planning to take some pics kalau aku rajin la but I don't think I'd succeed that since I'm not a camwhore so there will be pictures of scenery plus without me in it.

Happy weekend!


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