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Rainbow Over My Eyes



Seriously, how many spams have to filled in my inbox everyday. Apparently, FS is now invaded by spammers what's next? an alien? great. Deleting spamming can be tiresome at times. I don't know how many people are officially blocked by me but there are more keep on coming! Great...

So, I've finally bought MISS NO GOOD's VCD yeah me and I'm getting it by next week *happy dance* I also bought a new comic and that's it, nothing more. I don't shop often and never liked shopping unless I need something I really wanted to or dying to or longing to, u name it. I'm quite difficult when it comes to money because I love money but money doesn't love me u know like it's some kind of unrequitted love LOL =)) No la...

woah, I'm kinda bored out here. I got home early than usual and now I'm thinking it's very rare to be home so early than before =.=" and the feeling is just like I just lost my kitty no, no let me rephrase that like I'm a loner but wonderful, how's that? oookayyy, I'm acting like I'm a retard here. I MISS my NET-FRIENDS, i miss you i miss your smile and I still shed a tear every once in a while and even though it's different now you're still here somehow my heart will let u go and i will let u no i miss u sha la la (singing miley cyrus's song lol) woahhh, I'm so boreeeeee to death!
ey?? wait, I can still texting my netfriends! wohooooo off to go :D chokkomanyo, snap off. It's 10 minutes to midnight! Helloooo no one's gonna reply my text okay.

Right, then just say Hello to the bed I guess. Jalja!


Jaejoong is so handsome
Hongki is so cute
Alexander is adorably cute
Xiah is hotness
Hyungjoon is super hottie
TOP is so cool
Dilla is CRAZY >>>> off to the bed

miss u like crazy kak zura miss u miss u miss u miss u miss u miss u miss u miss u miss u so much :-*

Tehehehe, spamming :D



The internet is revived yet mysoju is being so cruel to me!! I didn't get to catch YMD on TV so I was hoping there will be MORE episodes uploaded (yes, it is indeed plenty of episoded listed) but the quality is really poor ): *pout* Pabo streamyx! No, pabo mysoju. Ah, at least I get a chance to catch the drama (it's just sounded like a talking-robot!) nevermind that.

So, what I've been up to? I'm kind of tired from thinking, thinking and thinking. I couldn't stop thinking no matter how I wanted to. It's some kind of tiresome to think all the way so I'm getting my day-off tomorrow. Shopping? umm maybe but I would rather spend my money on eating. I love eating by the way. It's habit actually...? lol just who would say something like eating is a habit? just snap that out of it. Emm, nothing interesting happened these past few days. Let just say that I've been through out of the limit. It was really an energy-sucking day but worth it. There are a lots of people out there whom been through hardship. Yep, just think of it that way hwaiting!

Tehehehe, just done reading another FF but again not completed yet. Still on updating process (pali update some more) I'm just too greedy =D well, Blame the internet for its unconsistently services! what else... ah, I got new kitten *excited* there are just too CUTE! forget about how I met them. It was just too painful to be remembered. I already named one of them and still thinking another name. Nothing have crossed my mind for a while so might thinking of one some other days.





Wohooo being able to appear online was the most happiest moment in my life (as if..) but the connection is soooooOooooOoooooo L.A.M.E I couldn't even got a story done. There are much more interesting stories updated but this streamyx's really getting on my nerves. Streamyx u can go die! ooppsiieee =D Since, I couldn't done with all the stories so I've just bookmark them all hoping that I could read them by tommorow night or whenever so long as the connection won't be so stubborn as it is. It's so troublesome already

There's nothing I want to blog anyway. Just wanted to show the people around that I'm blogging eventhough streamyx is showing its stupidity for a zillion times! ops, it's 15 minutes to midnight already and I should have gone to bed by now or else I wouldn't be able to wake up tomorrow morning. Jaljayo~!



Selamat hari raya aidiladha to all muslim (: How should I say this, we were having a small feast this afternoon with the rest of family members and I did the cook (a little) because I apparently spent the most of the time in front of TV watching the rerun of You're My Destiny drama series and Nancy Drew which means I'm having a day-off. I'm glad bussiness is going well and I'm reaching my target now (almost there) ^-^ Actually, there are lots reasons for me being happy today. I'd be able to catch music bank right on time cause lately, I only managed to see the rerun of the show at midnight and only had my eyes half-open ahh nevermind. TVXQ was on the show with their latest hit song wrong number *wohooo* but I don't really like jaejoong's new hairstyle. It's gonna take long to see him with another different hairstyle since he's been up to his movie "Heaven's postman" (get over soon!) oh, and big bang hits the chart once again with their latest song - red blah blah blah (I don't really remember what was the title) I hate the song, really but I still love them especially T.O.P ^-^v (sorry jaejoong ah) umm, what else? there is nothing new in FF, mysoju hasn't updated much of YMD, Miss no good has finally completed uploaded! jaejoong still hasn't purpose me yet so, it seems like my day has went perfectly fine so far and hello tomorrow...



Backtracking the good old days for sometime (: I'd be able to back on winglin-ing though not for a day but at least I could traced down some of cool stories. It's the least I could do on the internet. No more downloading and uploading like crazy, watching streaming online k-dramaS and stuff. It's ok loo reading is another opt of entertainment, no? Actually, I've got the chance to leave the shop earlier as my head started to explode. I've got an headache and my body started to aches here and there. I can't bear the pain any longer so I slipped out but all the aches seemed to be blown away as I sat down by the laptop, lol. What a treatment but I do have a feeling within these 2 or 3 days I'll have got a fever. Too much running in the rain I guess oh not to forget the day heats. Ok back to winglin-ing (just stealing some little times out for blogging :p)



I've been quite since the last update. I really had no time for internet activities ): I'm thinking of shutting down my blog since I'm not that regularly updating now (but that would never happened since this is the last resort for me to keep in touch with others) moreover I had nothing to tell, let's just say I'm just not good at telling story enuff said (: There are many things I would like to state down but my mind and my fingers couldn't cooperate each others. They won't listen hmm, hmm! anyway, never mind. I still have long way to go and the shop finally had gotten a license which means I have to work harder! There's no giving up. I should have came up with a new spirit everyday. Everyday is a new hope, a new day. I know I had to gone through the hardship, come rain and shine I have got to be positive. That's all that matters. I'm not doing this for myself, I'm doing this for my dad. By the way, I'm just losing my dearest cat, King. It was really depressing. King had an accident and I don't know which stupid car caused it but I know whoever drove the car is so stupid. It was clearly he/she caught speeding in the housing area. I couldn't typing more or I'll cry my eyes out. It was really depressing T-T