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Rainbow Over My Eyes



I'm going to 24 tomorrow. Haiyoh, dah tua la Dilla tapi young at heart maa still young loh! unbelieveable irresistable available lol apa ja lah aku mengarut ni

"Mak kata, sabtu ni buat rumah terbuka. Jangan lupa datang tau. No 3, jalan Durian, belok kiri, jalan terus masuk longkang" (Tiru iklan Tv jap) So, sesapa yang mengenali diriku ini ataupun sedara-sedara sepupu sepapat mahupun kucing-kucing aku yang asyik merenyam ja tu, silalah ke rumahku syurgaku sabtu ini.





I think i'm missing something but I don't know what it is? Hah, pudding! yep, that's it. I'm crazy over chocos lately. Can't help it "_" Thank God I haven't forgot my password, it's been awhile eh? I've done reading the set of "Romeo vs Juliet" for, how many times already? is it 6, 7 or 8? I'm losing the track of counting already. I've never been bored of those set. It's completed my day! My birthday is just around the corner oh my, I'm getting older! i'm going to 24 this friday. Am I too old for everything? there's so much things i wanted to do in my life. I hope I'm not drown off. May Allah bless



Lesson No. 1

Trust no one but yourself!

I'm going to keep my entry short because blogging is now becoming boring day by day o.O
and I don't know why am I still blogging???



I am standoffish but I'm not conceited lalala



What would U do, If today is gonna be the last day you live? hehe random Q

I want to keep myself busy today. No no, I want today be the busiest day in my life. I enjoy a lot of being busy. Oh yeah, let's get busy. I want to make it big. No, I should rephrase the word by saying enormous, gigantic, super-duper BIG. I must have been damaged my brain last night lol. One day, I'll have my own empire. So, whoever ever degrading me in everywhere will take back their words and wishing that they haven't said anything. People may look what I'm doing too low to them but I think what I did is just the beginning of SOMETHING. So, enjoy UR life as much as I enjoy my life. We had chose different path of life which may lead us to different successes.



Recently I'm hooked with sidney sheldon. I was thrilled by his writing and his writing indeed spectacular. Way better than mushy lovey-dovey love story I guess. Need to get rid all those unbidden thoughts. Can't risk myself getting hurt again. Just think of jeopardize my life with someone else give me a goosebump! I want more sheldon