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Rainbow Over My Eyes



There is an incident I would never ever forget for the rest of my life, so far or let's just add this one to the list I've already had. I'd burst out of laughing each time I think about that embarrassing incident. I hate to think it back again yet I couldn't help myself from keep on thinking about it repeatedly.

It was last night,

I don't know why do I suddenly got goosebumps all of sudden, lol. It's not like I'm gonna tell a horror story or something o.O

Ok, so the incident happened when I started to pick up my sister's phone call I always did that and I even read her text messages (not partially but wholly) so I guess I got cursed that day. Ah, it was from ninong. She had no idea who was on the line that time, she thought it was era. She just gave era another task after another which is to download full k-drama of goong. I knew it was from her friend's request. They did that every time, keep on asking to download everything on the net EVERYDAY. I really mean it when I emphasized the word everyday. Without any prior notice I suddenly raised my voice up and pretended to be so pissed off and started to babbling some random things. It was just an act, I swear. It was just like I was playing dumb with her like I did everyday. I keep on spatting stupid things in one breath until she suddenly cut me off "Hello, siapa ni? Dilla?" and I just answered "ya!" and she suddenly "Oh, ingatkan era. Sorry, salah nombor" I was shocked because she didn't have to be too polite because I know her very well so I just leave it there.

After couple of minutes she called back and this time I was not in the mood to pick up the call so era was the one who did that. As she answered the phone she started to laugh and it built up my curiosity then suddenly she passed on the phone to me. I almost faint out of shock and disbelief of what I just heard from ninong. She told me that everyone has heard me while ago because she put the loudspeaker on which means they've heard E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. Feel like my cheeks were burning up, I'm so embarrass at the moment. Ninong said everyone but I don't what the exact number maybe 1, 2, 3 or the whole office??? all of them? and I just recited bad things about them live and clear lol. They're all aware of who Dilla is aish, why didn't ninong just said it was BoA kwon or Kim Jaejoong or Bill Gates (Edited) instead. How stupid can I get? that was the stupidest things I've ever done. Serve me right eh?

As I know that I have done something stupid and embarrassing I started to feel guilty at the same time. I really didn't mean what I have just said, I was just fooling around and saying some random stuff but things happened. As I think back about that incident I started to laugh and era told me to stop because she was afraid of what have got to me. I already told my mum about it and she also bursted out of laughing. I guess I said too much that time. I learn my lesson now


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