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Rainbow Over My Eyes



I'm winglin-ing A-G-A-I-N o.O

I'm crazy about fanfic and there is a story (err, two actually) that have caught my attention last night. It's a new story and still updating but the good thing is the author is updating the story like EVERYDAY ^-^ Thank you for not being a cliff hanger <3

To speak my heart out, I'm so happy these days. Maybe it's a payback time for those unpredictable and horrible not-so-good day, I guess. I'm excited over everything and everything seems to be in my way now. I'm excited about my mission-possible plan, I'm excited of KBS is now airing TVXQ almost on every shows lately, I'm excited to learn that Lee Jun Ki never had any plastic surgery (it's just too random) and to make it less exaggerate, I'm just too happy for myself ~.~

Because of my deep interest in korean language so I'm planning on taking korean class during this school break along with my little sister. I'm gonna use my own money to pay the fee and so does my sister. I already warned her no PAMA (father and mother) loans because it was her idea in the first place so bear it. Woah, are we going to settled down in korea? am I going to marry jaejoong oppa by all means?! now tell me, how retard can I get?


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