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Rainbow Over My Eyes



The last 10 minutes I was about to speak my heart out loud but I think I don't have to do that anymore since once again I managed to console myself out yay me! I just threw away all those crazy thoughts I had*syuhh* *shyyuh*. Don't know what exactly came accross me all of sudden just now. Aish, chicah I'm totally out of my mind. What was I'm thinking?? Pabo Dilla! Arghh, don't wanna think about it. Great, Now that I'm bringging back all the thoughts that I should be forgotten. Yah, PABO you should get a LIFE!!!

What I mean is a REAL life

BIG real, ENORMOUS real, VAST real, HUGE real (I know I messed up with the grammar or whatsoever here but who cares anyway. Who needs credit for expressing their feelings?)



LIFEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeee!!! Araso???
Get over it already neh, you're not Alice and you'll never be


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