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Rainbow Over My Eyes



OMO!! ottokke?? I just broke nuna's drawer! I don't think she'll be happy to see that when she's got back from mama's house. I don't know what just happened but to think it back again it was just too funny *Laughing hard* Everybody knows that I have trouble when it comes to my hands. Whatever things I'm touching will be broken on spot or sooner or later like what I just did. I even messed up with the tiniest things I touch. Ottokkeeee??? I'll be a dead meat. mianheyooo. It was an accident, trust me. Oh dear hands, you should be punished *slap* *slap*

Get over it already. Wey this morning I made another cookies YaYyyy me! this time I've succeeded and not to mention I've made some modification onto the recipe (Just a little actually but still happy) Last time I made cookies but I did couple of mistakes. Too much flour, unsuitable temperature, blah blah blah but they are taste good (not only me but everybody said that let's see umi, halim, aziz, ninong, era, afiq, mama wow more than 3...that's many!) Oh, I also named the cookies after my fav artists (I mean the one that I did some modification with) He he he It's officially became my own recipe neh? ^-^ I originally want to post the pic here but I'm too lazy to link the wire or whatever you called it to my lappy (btw, my cell phone is a conservative one). I'm afraid that I might mess up with the wire as well, lol so just leave it or maybe the next next next next day I'll upload the pic ^-^V

I love food! =)


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