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Rainbow Over My Eyes



Mirotic mp3 full version is out! yay to whoever uploaded it, kamsahamnida ^-^ Love the song, love the beat and love the MV though there is no full MV uploaded anywhere, guess it's not already out yet but I watched the MV teaser on youtube and totally LOVE it~!! can't wait for the full version - waiting =.=" I love their new hairstyles except for micky's which is totally cracked me up yet it's still looks good on him (but please change it very sooon)

Currently I'm attached to korean drama You're My Destiny on KBS and The Time Between Dog and Wolf on 8TV(I know it's kinda old, is not it? annio? I'm not sure ^-^) Anyways, the only reason why I started watching You're My Destiny (I have never watched the drama before) is because the main character has the same name with Joongie oppa! lol but then I've become addicted to it ever since I watched couple of episodes. It's a good drama indeed. Full of joongie he he he!

So, I think there's nothing more to write down. My life is just beautiful as ever so there's nothing to complain about. Have a good day everyone! Assalamualaikum


p/s: I already had tons of bookmarked fanfic's on the list. Should I YAY now? YAYyyyy, lots of coooool stories are waiting for me!!!


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Blogger .:: 5u|-|@iL ::. Says:

wah!! nampaknya kita serupa!!! wah wah! ini sudah cukup menarik~

modem rosak? oh campak saja di sungai.

eheheh~ akak~ peperiksaan percuba cubaan adik susah gillllaaaaa!!!

Blogger Rainbow Says:

dah ganti modem baru tapi line tenet sangat teruk!!! streamyx sux ok!

xm? trial? don't worry...usaha dan tawakal insyaAllah beroleh kejayaan


Blogger .:: 5u|-|@iL ::. Says:

yeah yeah~ betul~

dan yeah lagi, TMnut biasalah. nama sudah melambangkan segalanya. masakan ia bukan orang melayu punya. sudah adik maki.

Blogger Rainbow Says:

weh, pantas sungguh reply cmmnt ngeee :D

Blogger .:: 5u|-|@iL ::. Says:

sebab adik kan hebat.


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