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Rainbow Over My Eyes



Ummh...Nothing caught my attention today except that I've finished reading one of my favorite fanfic that I used to tell before. I love the story telling, very creative! oh, another good news to share, my grandma has been discharged from hospital this evening eventhough the discharging process took almost 2 hours to be settled down, Aish...Tahap kesabaran aku masa tu memang dah sampai 373 darjah fahrenheit. Since, the doctor is a OKAY-looking (20% to good-looking) guy so I think in that case boleh dimaafkan lagi Hehehehe~ *Evil laugh*

And now, I'm reading another cool fanfic. Ahhh, I'm addicted to fanfic, reading 'em is like reading my DREAM~~ How can possibly read my dreams on other's story? Sounds great ne? annio? suka hati aku la~

*My current song: Girls' Generation - Tears


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