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Rainbow Over My Eyes



salam & Ahn-nyung!,

Choseohamnida for the very late replying of messages. I know it's not that much but kamsahamnida for dropping by while I'm in the midst of lotsa things that keep on popping up, I might not be able to update selalu. Moreover, sekarang ni aku ada hobi baru - Baca FANFIC ^-^ I guess I'm living in the dream ne? Yah babo, keep on dreaming! ahh, beh go-pah-yo

I think I'm getting skinnier but ee-pu-dah ne? hahaha I hope no one would understand that ^-^ argh umma! ah-pah! I need more bahp.

Alright then, will be back with more B-O-R-I-N-G updates. Oh btw, sarang-hae hlovate (haha that was random)


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