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Rainbow Over My Eyes



So, I was literally stalking him throughout FB. He, who used to be my very first crush back in LMC. Yah, and he's like married? jigum? already? waaaahh!!! I just couldn't believe my eyes. I just saw his profile on FS and the status has changed already or it was just something has got to do with feast my eyes? Tch, whatever not like I care.

First of all,

I'm not happy ok and I don't know why!! That's even upset me MORE, GAH!!
Yah, what's wrong with me? PMS? could be but that's not it. Aneeeyooo. Stupid much?

Yah! I'm not stupid, clever

Yeaahh, mysoju has updated BOF. Finally =) I've been waiting for ages, phewww. *happy dance* hajiman, the link seems to be not working very well booooo~~ ^-^ ah yes, tomorrow I'm gonna start paying the shop rental which means the shop have gotten a license. Now that I can think more of the shop. What else there need to be added on, doing some decoration here and there and more and more and more \o/ Just think about it makes me feel happy. I shouldn't be mad in the first place, ne? HAPPY is what I'm supposed to be plus I'm going to watch Lee Min Ho in a couple of minutes ^-^ - after I'm done with my dinner!

Dinner, Here I come!


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