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Rainbow Over My Eyes



I'm Hap Hap Hap Happy, I got my happy face on! (:
I have nothing to update but I feel like jotting something so yeah bring it on...

So, nothing much happened these few days except for my k-drama addiction keep on coming back to me. Yes mysoju you're totally feeding my addiction! Jongmal kamsahamnida :D Have you seen meteor garden or hana yori dango? I'm totally in love with these two dramas and now there is another version of both and it's called "BOYS OVER FLOWERS" and guess what, korean version is much much much more addicting and Lee Min Ho is a total droollll, lol =)



Last night I bumped into this particular FF and I'd been attracted with the title (Boys over flowers) surely it's a total hit now you could see it everywhere and I even saw a special interview with the casts on KBS world last night :D So, back to the topic. At first, I had no interest to read another FF about boys over flowers since I've been following the drama and thought that it would be the same as the rest but then I stopped scrolling down when I saw Kim jaejoongie's name on the artiste(s) column. On the second thought, kim jaejoong really suited well for the character if you ask me plus kim jaejoong is my hero how come I just skip into another FF without reading it. So, I started reading the foreword ughhh it's totally the same with the previous dramaS I saw but I can't help myself from clicking another chapter hehehe (kim jaejoong is in it remember?) it's good actually and it's just like another version of Boys over Flowers same but different. It's awesome, enough said. Ooookayyyy stop blabbing.

p/s: I got myself another new top :D


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