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Rainbow Over My Eyes



I got this kind of eyes-sore you know when your eyes turned out red so I just spent my day idling around the house and reading some of updated FF (not much actually since there is not much FF updated). Oh, did I say I spent my time playing games all the way through? Yes, I could have been break the world's record o.o

So, it turns out that I couldn't make it to the shop tomorrow too and my brother will take care of it as he did today. Thanks to him ^-^ I just hope that my eyes are getting better by tomorrow. Later!

p/s: February is going to be ended soon. Looking forward for March! ^-^ oh btw, check out my new side item on the right side named k-box. I was planned to change it to musicaholic (don't care if there any such names) but I was too lazy to do it then I'll just leave it there and going to change it soon. Right, there are 3 tracks altogether and the 2 of 'em which is from Boys over Flowers ost and the other is from SNSD - Gee (a very catchy dance song, I like!). Just remembered, I just listened to the very latest TVXQ song's preview and I love them all! I love survivor the most. Can't wait for their upcoming album! hehehe this must have been the longest ps ever :p


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