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Rainbow Over My Eyes



Ahnyong! it's been awhile ne? I even forgot my username which I found ridiculous. I seemed to forget everything, lol but I got it somehow and here I am jotting craps for my own good.

okay, now I'm clueless.

Breath in, breath out,

Where do I start? work? life? love? My life has been good so far and work was pretty much tough day by day. I had to "fight" everyday in fact, I think I'm getting "stronger" each day! I thought, I can now learn how to stand on my own and on the second thought, I think I need 12 hours sleep time rather that 4 hours. I'm dying from tiredness. Yet, I have to be strong (everybody does). Basically, I don't really want to talk about my "love story". okay, now it's sounded really weird! but since I'm having trouble with these 3 guys which nobody-wouldn't-knows-who-there-are perhaps, sharing something won't cause any harm, ne? Let's just say it started so fast and it ended so fast, zap! just like that. I'm not really into this love thingy since my parents are so protective when it comes to guys and stuff. I'm not really good in love so I was literally running away from them which makes me totally a retard. There is a Chinese guy who asking me out and I was like giving him a zillion excuses and it happen that day, i thought he found out I was lying (didn't care that much actually) but I did feel bad for what happened it's just I couldn't say sorry to him. I already used up my sorry allowance for the month. The second guy is totally unknown. I had no idea what he looks like, who he is and everything. I just knew he's my friend's bestfriend. I think I saw him but just a single glance and full stop. He asked my number from my friend and texted me right then and I don't know what happened after that @-@
and as for the third guy, he is really a stalker.

Now that I have time to waste on FS. I got message from Fatin and I'm happy that she's perfectly fine and more importantly Happy. She deserves it! I miss you too. As I went through out FS peeking my friend's profiles from one onto another, I found that all of them are now somebody. Most of them are now researchers and chemists. Now that I'm thinking that I should have studied chemistry really hard in the first place. Slightly envy them all but I already chose this path and I'm not taking it back. I love business somehow it's just that I'm not really somebody, yet. But, I'm gonna be one someday (:


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