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Rainbow Over My Eyes



I thought I'm gonna have read another updated of FF by now but the author seems to be off from updated any of chappies tonite! Believe it or not, I'm just thinking of it for the whole day throughout. It's the best way for me to unwind after a long day of work actually -sigh- I thought she said she gonna write new chappies every weekend and IT IS WEEKEND. I know too many fantasy and fiction guys are bad for me coz I can't find my own reality perfect guys LOL =)) Kurochiman, I'm just loving it in fact I'm enjoying it. Oookay snap that out.

-emo mode activated-
phft, I was at work but my heart wasn't there. I don't know but I feel a bit lonely though there were so many people back then
I kinda lost to the place-only-God-knows-where
-emo mode deactivated-

see there's no need to be emo all the time. One minute you went emo the next minute you seem to be back to normal (:

Btw, I just received or more like read a message on 4shared which is someone has been enjoying a lot of my collections and ask for more =D If you really curious of what on earth 4shared is, it's a file sharing and storage. I was really active upload songs back then just so you know. I'd uploaded songs like crazy everyday coz I had nothing to do at home :D sharing is caring maa but I'd stopped now. I found another brand new hobby aside from that -evil laugh-

February is ended,
Hello March.


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